TickledTush.com - A Guide to Happy Anal

If you're an anal sex beginner and want to have a pain-free anal sex experience, please read through this guide to learn what will make anal sex enjoyable for you!

Spoiler - it's not just a cock up your butt!

Anal sex can hurt - it's really easy to have anal sex the bad way especially if it's your first time and you don't need to read this guide to do that. But, it doesn't have to hurt. I've had anal that hurt and I've had anal that felt good (like really, really good). The difference was me.

Between my first anal sex experience (the one that didn't go well) and the next time I tried it (the one that showed me how good anal sex can be), I learnt how to enjoy anal pleasure.

I not only give you the techniques to get a cock up your butt pain-free, I also share how I got from anal = pain to anal = incoherent orgasmic pleasure.

This guide to enjoying anal sex isn't just for women, guys - you can read it too and get a better understanding of what a good partner in shared anal sex pleasure should do. If you're wondering how much it costs to buy this guide - it's free! (If you love the advice, here's how you can support TickledTush.com.)

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