TickledTush.com provides advice on how to have anal sex in a way that let's you (or if you're a guy) your partner enjoy it too.

Why is it free?

The advice and information on this site is quality. And it's available to you any time you need it. Free.

It's free because I hate the idea of young women, or any women for that matter, being bullied or coerced by their partner or the massive amounts of pornography that depict women in a non-equal role in sex that is also freely available on the internet. When something is repeated over and over, it's easy to start believing it.

But you, as a woman, are allowed to enjoy sex. This means more than just being allowed to partake in sex without judgment. That, I feel, was the message of a bygone era. I feel now the message needs to be that you are allowed to enjoy sex as an equal, demanding equal pleasure when playing with your partner.

So with this website I hope to promote to you the idea that you should learn about yourself, find out what makes you feel good and enjoy every sexual act you egage in, including anal sex! I think this is something worth putting out there for everyone.

How Can I Support TickledTush.com

If you wish to support this website, we welcome your support in the following ways.

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  • Or just say thanks and share your story. It's really heart-warming to know I've actually helped someone so please feel free to leave a message for me here.