Is it Even Possible to Enjoy Anal?

There are more than a few women who say anal sex is not for them. No way, no how. Some of the reasons cited include:

"It's for gay guys."
"I don't have a prostate."
"It's an out-only hole."
"I tried it and it hurt."

Anal sex is easy to get wrong and when it goes wrong, it's painful for the woman. It's no wonder there is a strong perception that if you try anal sex as a woman you should expect to endure some level of discomfort or pain - it's your partner's pleasure at your expense.

If that's what's happening, you're doing it wrong!If that's what you think, you need to keep reading!Anal sex should never hurt in a bad way because you should be saying stop and stopping as soon as there is any pain.

Done right, anal sex is really good. It's not easy, and it can take a long time to get there, but it is possible to have a good anal sex experience so you should never settle for a bad one.

Why do Women Like Anal

Among women who have tried anal sex, there are those who vow never again, and there are those who love it. Here's why those who love it... love it.

The Physical

The physical pleasure comes, similar to your vagina, from the stimulation of the nerves in the area. The anus is an erogenous zone and physical stimulation in the right way and in the right circumstances can elicit a positive sexual response - meaning women can and do enjoy anal sex. Women also enjoy using toys anally, anal fingering, and analingus (where he tongues your asshole).

In addition to the pleasure from external rubbing, stroking or licking, a woman can also feel pleasure from the man's cock pushing against her g-spot during anal sex. A number of women claim they orgasm more often or more intensely from anal sex compared to PV sex and this may be the reason for it.

It may also be the increased emotional intimacy of anal sex.

The Emotional

A frequent comment from women who enjoy anal sex is that they love the deeper intimacy of anal sex.

PV sex tends to be the norm so anal sex has the extra emotional aspect of being rare and something special which can heighten the intimacy factor.

Another big part of why anal sex can be so emotional for women is because, compared to allowing a man into your vagina, allowing him in your ass puts you in a much more vulnerable position. Your pussy is made for sex. Your ass, primarily, is made for other functions. Discomfort, pain or even injury is much more likely during anal sex compared to PV sex, so the level of trust you have to have in your partner at that moment is greater. When you give your partner that trust and he acts in a caring, loving way that brings you pleasure, the emotional side of sex is heightened.

One woman has described another reason emotions are so high during anal sex:

We are taught to keep our anus clenched tightly at all times (unless of course, when pooping) lest we make a rude noise or release an offensive odor. Learning to relax that part of your body for sexual pleasure with a loving partner is intensely intimate.

So it is possible to enjoy, even love, anal sex. While many women have bad experiences - in part due to misguided young men and; in part due to lack of personal awareness, there are many women who count anal sex as the most intense and intimate sexual act they can experience with their partner.