Are You Ready

You and your partner have decided you want to try anal sex. And you think you are ready.

If you have spent tried playing with your own ass, with your fingers or with toys; if you've introduced anal play into your sex catalog with your partner; if you're comfortable directing and saying stop - if you both understand that even though you're going to try and get his cock (which at this point might be starting to look even bigger than normal), you might not even get that far; then you're ready.

Anal Foreplay

Step 1: Orgasm

The best forplay for anal sex is an orgasm. So, get to it. Get sexy. Get clean.

For me, the best sex happens when we're both clean. I love oral sex but hate the smell of sweaty balls or stinky cock. A beautiful clean cock however literally makes my mouth water. And being clean myself, I love to look down at my partners head between my thighs then close my eyes and focus on cumming on his tongue. Beautiful.

Step 2: Fingers

After cumming from his salacious lingual skills, I like to lie him down and sit on his cock. Normally, I'm not a fan of girl on top but when I lie forward, he can fuck up into me and gently finger my asshole at the same time.

Step 3: Toys

Next, I lie on my side with my legs pulled up or, if the furniture height doesn't suit that, I get into doggy position. The idea is that both my asshole and pussy are easy to access.

First, the beginner toys. I don't like too much in and out so I usually ask for the beads and he slips them in one at a time. Sometimes I take them all easily, sometimes I stop him after a few. Whatever the case, the next thing is he'll slip his cock back into my pussy and stroke into me for a while. I've already cum before the anal play even started so with this anal stimulation and his cock in my pussy, it's hard to keep my fingers off my clit. I'm not usually trying to cum at this point, just ride the wave as long as I can.

Once I'm ready, I tell him to get the butt plug. If you don't know what it is, it's something that looks like the ace of spades. It starts thin, gets wide then quickly goes back to thin but it has a wide flat part at the bottom so it doesn't slip inside you. This is where my asshole starts to get stretched a bit.

This is also where you will have a much better experience if your partner has done this to himself so he knows what kind of pressure to use when pushing it in. What he has to do is push the plug in slowly, very cautiously testing your asshole. He'll push it in until the point where your ass isn't going to open any further right now without pain. He's strong enough to push through that, but it's like stretching your hamstring and someone pushes you too far. Once you unbend, you hamstring is injured. Well, same with your ass.

So, if he's done it to himself, he'll know this much better that another guy who's completely mislead by the ease with which porn has taught him a cock can go up an ass. If your ass is virgin to cock, it needs to warm up.

So anyway, he should push until your asshole is at it's stretching limit then release the pressure. You should squeeze your asshole tight and hold it then relax and let him push it in again. This time it'll get in just a tiny bit further. Squeeze tight and hold then relax as he pushes it in again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Then, shhhhwwoooop, and your ass will suck it in.

At this point I love some more dick. With my ass full with the buttplug in there his cock feels so good in my pussy. My fingers haven't left my clit since we started but by this point I'm barely moving them, just keeping that sexual high there.

Now, I'm ready for his cock in my ass.

Stop, I Need to Poop

Duing preparation, one of the worst things is the sudden feeling that you're going to poop. If you've enjoyed some solo anal play you have, hopefully, figured out the difference between the full feeling of a dildo or buttplug in your ass and the need to shit. Well, if you need to go, you need to go. It's not something you can ignore because shitting on your lover isn't fun. So what do you do?

Simply, stop. Go to the bathroom and get your business done. You'll just have to try anal sex another day because once the poop starts coming out, it's going to be messy for the next few hours.

Saying Stop

One of the most important things for good sex is communication. Sex isn't a fairytale. Your lover isn't a mindreader. Communication is the bridge that gets them from what they know about what you like to what you want right now.

And when is comes to anal sex, communication becomes even more important.

Say stop when you need to. Say slow down. So ok, push it in slowly. Say stop. Keep talking and keep directing. Stop can be a hard word for caring lover to say, but trying anal sex when you're not ready is the path to failure. Stopping means keeping anal sex as an option for the future. Pushing on can mean injury or at the least, an experience you'll never want again. Say stop and try again so you can have a successful anal sex experience.