Can Men Enjoy Getting it Up the Bum

Women aren't the only ones who can be on the receiving end when it comes to anal. And I'm not even talking about gay men. Hetero guys can and do enjoy anal sex with their girlfriends or wives - an act commonly referred to as pegging.

What is Pegging

Because we don't have cocks, for us to penetrate our parters the same way they would pentrate us, we strap on a dildo. When a woman fucks a man with a strap on dildo, this is called pegging. For some reason, the term is specific to men being fucked my women.

Why do Men Enjoy Getting Pegged

A man can enjoy being taken up the bum for many of the same reasons a woman can. Physically, there are many nerve endings and his anus is as much an erogenous zone as a womans. However, there is a very big difference that give men an advantage, in terms of finding anal sex pleasurable, when it comes to taking it up the bum.

The infamous prostate gland. A dildo or cock penetrating a man's asshole can easily push against his prostate gland. Stimulation of the prostate gland can enhance male orgasms and most men find orgasms accompanied by anal and prostate stimulation to be much more intense than cock stimulation only orgasms. It makes sense.

There is also the role reversal aspect to a man receiving anal sex that a man may enjoy.

In male-female sex, the most common way PV sex happens is with the man thrusting into the woman. Even with positions like "cowgirl" where the woman is supposedly in control, the man can still be the more active partner.

In fact, many men like it this way.

If I'm not the one doing the fucking then I can last forever. I need to thrust if I want to cum.

Women on top positions are often touted as empowering because they put the woman in control, but for many, they just aren't sexually exciting.

I hate being on top because I can't focus on the pleasure and I can never orgasm that way.

The point being that most men are doing the fucking most of the time. But pegging changes that. Completely. Men go from fucking to, not even being passive, but to being the one getting fucked. This means they are giving up control. They are giving up their usual role in the male-female sex dynamic. For some men, this whole new way of experiencing sex can be hugely stimulating and extremely exciting.

On top of the new perspective from which they can experiencing sex, they also get to lie back and enjoy. When in the "active" role, it is the man's responsibilty to ensure that while he is thusting and fucking his partner, his partner is enjoying the act. When they take on the "passive" role of being fucked, they are the object of this focus and it's an experience most men have rarely.

However, for some men, it can be too much. Too intense. Or they don't like the idea of being fucked - it goes against their idea of being a man. The good news is that if you do desire to fuck your boyfriend or husband's butt and introduce him to pegging, the negative prejiduce against straight men letting something up their bum is generally something that fades with maturity.

Alternatively, he may just dislike it. There are some men and some women who even without a negative anal experience just find that it isn't their thing and you just have to accept it. As a man or a woman, if your partner doesn't want to do something, it's your responsibility to act like a moral human being and accept their preference. Don't try to force your boyfriend or husband into pegging just to satisfy your desires. (And in case you didn't get it guys, this info applies to you too - if your girlfriend or wife doesn't like anal then accept their judgement of what they find pleasurable.)