And that is the guide to good anal sex. If you follow all the advice in this guide, you will have a successful anal experience.

To sum up what will make trying anal sex good for you, it is these main points.

  • Know your ass
    If you know how your ass responds to different stimulus, you'll know how to tell your partner that. This starts way before your first anal fuck.
  • Warm up, use lube
    First timers and occasional anal fuckers should never go straight from nothing to the whole cock. This is the best way to have an "I'm never trying that again." experience. Warm up with fingers, toys and at all stages, plenty of lube.
  • Communication
    When you're playing with yourself, it's hard to hurt yourself because you know when to stop. In the same way, it's easy to do what feels good. Your partner needs constant guidance so he can know what you need him to do with his fingers, with the toys and with his cock. In other words, you need to be in control and communication is your tool.
  • Say stop
    Do not be afraid to use this word. Anal sex is something you can enjoy. You shouldn't endure it until you enjoy it. You should sip at it, keep tasting it, until finally it tastes good enough that you want to drink the whole bottle.

Hopefully, you've read the whole guide because there's a ton of information and lots of tips on how to make anal sex work well. If you haven't go back to the start and read through the guide. It takes some time but I truly believe this is the best guide to anal sex out there. No other guide has all the information in one place, shares actual experience and tells you exactly how to have a good anal encounter from the start. Other guides try to sell it as something you can do the first time you try. Please don't. Please read this guide and take your time when you decide you want to try.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them, just send me a message here.

Finally, I wish you fun, pleasure and a successful anal sex experience.