Is Anal Sex Better than Penis-Vagina Sex

By design, the penis and the vagina work well together. PV sex is great - no straight man would disagree with that. So why do men seem so attracted to anal sex?

Anal sex isn't necessarily better than PV sex, it's just different. It's that reason, among many others that make men want to put it in the butt.

Why do Men Want Anal

Each man is different in why he likes anal sex, but the following are some reasons that apply to many.

The Forbidden

Red button
Anal is the big red button of sex - you just so want to push it.

You know the big red button below the "Do Not Push" sign? What about the candy put up on the top shelf that you've been told not to eat? Or the fruit trees you walked past every day as a child on the way home from school that were hanging heavy with juicy, fresh apples you weren't allowed to pick?

Commonly referred to as the forbidden fruit - we often want something all the more, simply because we aren't allowed it. Studies have proven it. Women are on average more attracted to men they can't have. Men also want to do things they know they shouldn't. Breaking the rules is thrilling. Doing what we shouldn't - in this case, putting his cock up the "wrong" hole, adds the thrill of the forbidden to the pleasure of anal sex.

Power Play

Many guys have said that they are turned on by their wife or girlfriend "letting" them fuck their ass. For those men, there is a misunderstanding that anal sex is or should be painful or uncomfortable for women, and so when she "lets" him put it in her butt, she is submitting her body for his sexual gratification.

But even without the misunderstanding, even when the woman can thoroughly enjoy anal sex, there is still the trust that must be given to the man because anal sex, when done incorrectly, can be extremely painful. It shouldn't be but if the man breaks the trust, that is the result. The thrill for the man is the power in holding that trust and delivering sexual pleasure to the woman trusting him so intimately.

A Woman's Reaction

Men love to see their partners enjoy sex. When his ministrations bring her pleasure and orgasm, seeing that ecstasy in her writhing body movements, in her look, feeling it the way she holds him tighter, and hearing it in her moans is a turn on as well as validating their sense of pride in being able to bring their partner this base pleasure.

Men enjoy anal sex because their partner's reactions the same reactions to the pleasure of holding a vibrator to her clit, of PV intercourse or of a soft, warm, wet tongue lapping her pussy. Her reactions are of often more intense and because a man has to be so much more careful and attentive of his partner during anal sex compared to PV sex, he is much more aware of her.

One man describes his wife's moans as "deeper", with more bass and "more guttural". His wife orgasms over and over as he fucks her ass with gentle care.